Built environment

Our specialist Partner in the built environment services sector draws on more than 30 years experience in working with companies in this industry.

Drawing experience from consultancies such as MDA to household names including Stewart Milne and EDF, our Partners have seen most of the challenges the built environment sector presents!

Typical challenges faced by businesses like yours include skills shortages, environmental and sustainability factors, regulatory changes, increasing use of technology, IoT and increasing the pace of innovation – all of which impact productivity, operations and the people working within the organisation.

Our Partners draw on their pedigree backgrounds to quickly get to the nub of the challenges you’re facing and will work with you to make the changes your business needs, to get the results you want.

Types of business we have experience in

  • Architects
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Smart home automation
  • Energy
  • Construction

Challenges we’ve faced in the Built Environment sector

  • Develop high performing teams
  • Realign strategy
  • Improve profitability

Some of the potential we've unlocked

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Unlock your business potential

Working together with Cora-Lynn helped me to successfully do my transition into my new role in the UK. Her listening and mindful challenges to my ideas improved my thoughts on how to set up the change plan for my organisation as well as how to lead, influence and inspire the people I’m working with. One of the key takeaways from our conversations: Make sure, you set up the right balance between your professional, personal and private life to keep your energy level high!

Ingo Perizonius

People Development Director, EDF