Join Our Team of Business Consultants

Are you a seasoned Business Leader? Do you have specialist sector experience? Are you entrepreneurial? Do you want to invest your knowledge, know-how and experience in helping Entrepreneurs grow their businesses? Are you looking for a lifestyle change to give yourself more flexibility and control over your own time?

What are the benefits of being a Rathbone Results Partner?

If you are considering a switch to running your own consulting business, using your skills and experience and enjoying a more varied lifestyle, Rathbone Results represents a very attractive opportunity for you. We give you the opportunity to:

  1. Get your own consultancy business up and running quickly relevant to your sector expertise
  2. Adapt our holistic, situational and multidimensional methodology to your knowledge, know-how and experience
  3. Use a variety of lead-generation methods to find the right clients in your chosen sector
  4. Command premium rates and generate ongoing high earnings
  5. Better control how you balance your lifestyle with your business interests

Rathbone Results operates as a high-end licensing scheme. This gives you many advantages over setting up and running your own consulting business.

  • You will get your own management consultancy business up and running fast in your chosen sector
  • You will receive from the outset a comprehensive package of all you need to run your own consultancy business
  • You will have increased opportunity for success with proven methods and results
  • You will have the flexibility as an individual to exercise your own judgement and apply your own experience
  • You will feel the support of a highly professional business network as we are highly selective about the Partners we take on
  • You will receive help with your business and marketing set up and ongoing support
  • You will be provided with tools and processes for gaining qualified leads in your chosen sectors

Boutique Business Consultancy - The Rathbone Results Difference

As a Rathbone Results Partner you will deliver exceptional value to your clients, and see the benefit through the achievements and recognition that result. Rathbone Results is distinctive in the market for providing consulting services to SMEs because of the:

  • Sector focus
  • Seasoned business expertise of our Partners
  • Our proprietary 12 Driver Business Framework
  • Bespoke approach to each client
  • Practical support in implementation
  • Results orientation for sustainable growth

If you think you are suited to becoming one of our high calibre business partners, contact us by email, call us on 020 8798 0175 or alternatively complete the form below and we will get in touch.