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A Rathbone Results high-end licensing programme gets you to market quickly and seamlessly.

A distinctive offering to alternative franchise and licence offerings.

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How it helps you successfully run your own consultancy business

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How we enable and support you to become an expert consultant and make best use of our extensive toolbox to deliver long term client engagements

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The investment

Rathbone Results Specialists

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As a seasoned business leader with specialist sector experience, you can:

  • Invest your knowledge, know-how and experience in helping others grow their businesses.
  • Make a lifestyle change to give yourself more flexibility and control over your own time.
  • Get your consultancy business up and running quickly.
  • Use our holistic, situational and multi-dimensional framework combined with your knowledge, know-how and experience.
  • Find the right clients in your chosen sector(s).
  • Command premium rates and generate earnings to meet your goals.

Our high-calibre approach makes us different

Rathbone Results licensing programme provides a distinctive alternative to other franchise and licence opportunities.

We take a boutique approach to providing consulting services to SMEs, with a sharp focus on what’s right for our clients. And that starts with leveraging your expertise. We focus on the sector, specialist expertise and pedigree of our Partners to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

What we look for in a partner:

As a Partner you will share our values and have the gravitas to be a sounding board for clients, a thinking and doing partner, a trusted business advisor, a mentor who develops those within the client’s business.

Key Rathbone Results Partner success factors are:

  • B2B general management experience at MD level
  • In-depth sector experience recognised by your target market
  • Strong network in your target sector
  • Willingness and initiative to generate your own leads
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to build strong relationships
  • Ability to make the financial investment to operate your own consulting business
Rathbone Results Specialists

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Business planning

We provide extensive help to our partners as well as to our clients:

We help set you up.We help you set up your business consultancy and ensure that you get to market as quickly and seamlessly as possible, with a comprehensive marketing package.

We train you.Our structured 4-day training programme takes you through the Rathbone Results difference, our unique methodology and framework, lead generation channels and gives you the tools and approach you need for providing business consultancy.

Ongoing Support – ‘doing it properly and doing it right’.We recruit our Partners based on their experience and what they can bring to Rathbone Results’ clients as a whole, as well as to each other. You will find an equal calibre of experience among your fellow Partners, backed with extensive and impressive skillsets across the board.

Strong Values.Delivery of our consultancy services clients is under-pinned by a set of values. We:

  • Focus on the interests of our clients
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Deliver tangible results
  • Develop long term relationships with our clients
  • Are responsive and follow through
  • Are collaborative

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Download our brochure

Jim and the other partners have been very supportive during the on-boarding process and continue to be a great team to work with.

José Lehmani
Rathbone Results Partner

I contracted my first client within some 23 days after training and the second client 4 days later.

John O’Connell
Rathbone Results Partner

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