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Client Testimonials:

"Having used business coaching and mentoring previously for successful growth, I knew that you needed support for all areas of the business that need to change and turnaround at the same time. Rathbone Results had considered all aspects of the process for growth, strategic development and the importance of a plan for short term and long term goals. They also ticked the box on experience in my sector."

Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Business Owner of Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone

About Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone

Helping clients think clearly

Cora Lynn is a full Partner and joint owner of Rathbone Results, and is globally certified by the ICF as a Professional Coach (PCC).  She brings a passion for enabling individuals, teams and organisations to outperform. She unlocks people’s potential to think, relate and take action. Her experience of working with executives, senior leaders and leadership teams is extensive across the UK, Europe, USA, Latin America and MENA region. Born in Cuba, she is multicultural and multilingual.

Cora Lynn’s career, rooted in finance and strategy, has focused on working across key stakeholders within significant organisations to facilitate greater wellbeing, dialogue, collaboration, performance and results. Her 30-year track-record as a management consultant and trusted advisor includes coaching executives and leadership teams, facilitating Board and business-unit strategies, designing and delivering customized long-running leadership programs for globals including L’Oréal, EDF Groupe, British Nuclear (Sellafield Sites), Oracle, Orange FT, Honda, Lloyds Banking Gp.