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"Having used business coaching and mentoring previously for successful growth, I knew that you needed support for all areas of the business that need to change and turnaround at the same time. Rathbone Results had considered all aspects of the process for growth, strategic development and the importance of a plan for short term and long term goals. They also ticked the box on experience in my sector.


Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Business Owner of Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Elizabeth Crosse

About Elizabeth Crosse


Elizabeth is one of the 1% of coaches globally to attain ICF Master Coach certification. She focuses on leadership coaching and facilitating the professional development of coaches. Key to both is the enabling of new learning and awareness of who we are and how we work.She specialises in leaders involved with organisational transformations, needing to engage and influence key stakeholders and management teams to implement successful change. She helps them address current and future challenges to create sustainable change and develop practical actions that deliver results.

Elizabeth brings to coaching a depth of experience as an entrepreneur and highly accomplished senior leader. She has set up and run two successful businesses, has worked in public and private sector organisations in the UK and abroad. She has a track record of delivering innovative, pragmatic, cost effective solutions that enabled transformational change and enhanced productivity. This success is due to her ability to combine an academic background in the psychology of learning with a clear understanding of the business environment. Elizabeth presents regularly at conferences.