Hamid Tavassoli

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Client Testimonials:

"Having used business coaching and mentoring previously for successful growth, I knew that you needed support for all areas of the business that need to change and turnaround at the same time. Rathbone Results had considered all aspects of the process for growth, strategic development and the importance of a plan for short term and long term goals. They also ticked the box on experience in my sector."

Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Business Owner of Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Hamid Tavassoli

About Hamid Tavassoli


Hamid is an experienced coach who works holistically and systematically to support clients through transition and when facing significant challenges. Hamid helps clients gain insights into their ingrained patterns, to find new possibilities that were previously invisible to them and work towards achieving their ambitions. He enables clients to build on their strengths, which works well for those who are open to growing their self-awareness and motivated to develop.

Having started his career as a civil engineer working on designing, building and managing large infrastructure projects, Hamid accompanies coaching clients to increase their awareness of their values and purpose, and link these to their ambitions and the wider system. He has supported clients to deal with issues of change, transition, career choice and progression, confidence, personal impact, managerial effectiveness, increased flexibility & resilience, to discover their creativity, deal with conflict and redress work-life balance.