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Client Testimonials:

"Having used business coaching and mentoring previously for successful growth, I knew that you needed support for all areas of the business that need to change and turnaround at the same time. Rathbone Results had considered all aspects of the process for growth, strategic development and the importance of a plan for short term and long term goals. They also ticked the box on experience in my sector."

Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Business Owner of Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Jacquie Drake

About Jacquie Drake


Jacquie has been a leadership coach for over 25 years and works in both Transitions Coaching and Personal Development Coaching. She is an experienced coach with a Business School and Consultancy background who has worked across a range of industries and within many blue-chip organisations as well as the big 4 consultancies, serving coachees at all levels of leadership. Jacquie builds a strong personal relationship with her coachees as they work together on the issues of importance to the coachee and their organisation.

Jacquie’s expertise is in the eco-system of the intra-personal, the inter-personal, team dynamics, leadership and organisational culture. Coaching often happens when changes occur, or need to occur, within and at the interfaces of these.