Partner Sector Expertise

partner sector expertiseWe work exclusively with Senior Business Leaders and Partners to help you build your own successful consultancy business - in sectors of industry where you already have a deep understanding. Preferably, this will have included working at MD level for at least 10 years. 

Our aim is to help you utilise the skills and knowledge you have acquired over the course of a dynamic career and channel this expertise into transforming under-performing SME companies.

Rest assured, you won’t be expected to work on clients operating in sectors where you have no prior experience. This rarely results in a good outcome – either for the consultant or the client in question.

We will work with you every step of the way – including helping you find clients - to ensure you develop, structure and operate your own first rate consultancy business.

If you believe that you have a treasure trove of experience that you would like to share, joining Rathbone Results as a Partner could be just the opportunity that you are looking for.

Why not give us a call for an initial conversation and let’s see whether we would make a compatible fit. In the first instance, call Jim Rathbone on 020 8798 0175 or email me at