90-Day Action Plan

7 Ways to Reignite Your Business Post Lockdown

You have brought your business through an unprecedented crisis to this point. Now get ready for Recovery...

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Our action plan gives you the tools and knowledge to:

Refresh your strategic plan post-lockdown In times of disruption, refreshing and documenting your business strategy presents new opportunities to capture what you have learnt and channel it into better decisions.

Prepare your marketing activity and systems for action Review your market sectors to identify new target audiences, enhance your marketing systems, and consider new product and service developments.

Restructure your costs As the economy still faces uncertainty, cost structure is vital to pay attention to, and is a financial aspect that businesses do have full control over.

Develop your people and unlock your potential to thrive With flexible and remote working remaining in place for the foreseeable future, strengthen new-found skills and focus on developing teamwork and growing your people’s capabilities.

Transition your people into your ‘new norm’ of working Workers returning to the office must be instilled with confidence in re-entering the workplace safely amidst the lifting of restrictions. Further develop capabilities to work remotely and in teams, in terms of training and technology.

Prioritise and enhance your communications at this crucial time At times of uncertainty, it’s vital that businesses communicate clearly and authentically to both staff and customers. Applying compassion in your business ensures your staff are key spokespeople, aligned and on message when communicating with your customers.

Consider an acquisition growth strategy Has there ever been a better time to grow by acquisition as well as organically? Seller’s price expectations have dropped; more business owners are considering selling; deals can move quickly, and opportunities are ripe.

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With your Reignition Plan, you will:

  • Achieve greater visibility of your business
  • Gain clarity over how to move your business and your staff forward
  • Move your company into the recovery phase…
  • … And reignite your growth

Your resulting Reignition Plan will give you greater visibility over what needs to be done to move your business and your staff forward over the next few months, as the market recovers.

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Guide for Unlocking Business Potential

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Some of the business potential we’ve unlocked for clients...

“Our team has changed over the four weeks of engagement with you both and I can feel a razor-sharp focus and direction coming…The strategy is extraordinary. I cannot describe in one word the feeling this evening, so here are a few... Inspirational, Depth, Organised, Structured, Powerful, Deliverable, Empowered, Enlightened, Aligned, Scalable.”

Alan Wheal
CEO & Chairman, EA-RS

“The process is triggering exactly the sorts of conversations we need to have - and we have all agreed it is extremely beneficial to have someone outside the business involved in this. We have already begun to see positive changes. The next generation are fired up!!”

Nikki Adam
Director, Ad Valorem

“To break it down very simply, since we have been working with Rathbone Results, we have doubled in turnover and profit but with the same amount of staff we had 12 months ago. Something has clicked into place and it’s not a coincidence.”

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