15 Leadership Paradoxes of 2018

To succeed and deliver promised results, what sort of multidimensional leaders do we need to be? What do we need to focus on in the business – and how do we need to approach that?

With F Scott Fitzgerald’s quote in mind (“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”), consider a series of leadership paradoxes - opposing leadership behaviours that we know are necessary at different points in time for us to succeed as leaders in our complex world.

The 15 Paradoxes:

  1. Being an Innovator AND an Imitator
  2. Being a Visionary AND Implementer
  3. Being Tough AND Gentle - “a gentleman”, “a gentlewoman”
  4. Being Passionate AND Dispassionate
  5. Thinking Fast AND Slow
  6. Being Action-Orientated AND Reflective
  7. Being Creative AND Analytical
  8. Focusing on Results AND People
  9. Being Structured AND Spontaneous
  10. Being Kind AND Demanding
  11. Thinking in Big-pictures AND Detail
  12. Being Decisive AND Consultative
  13. Being a Coach AND Directive
  14. Being a ‘Strong-man’ AND Inclusive
  15. Being Ambitious AND Realistic

Instead of “either-or”, each paradox contains a set of “yes, and” behaviours. Both behaviours within each paradoxical pair add business value – unless exaggerated. 

So let’s explore these 15 paradoxical behaviours over the next few months, one at a time, asking ourselves as we do so: “How can I do both, to maximise the value I add to the business in 2018?”

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