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Sell Professionally

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Most business owners are not comfortable selling and rely on hired professional sales people to perform this vital role within their businesses. Question: is that on its own enough for an activity as central to business success as sales? Jim Rathbone takes us through the 9-Step process that elevates sales to a higher whole-of-business level - from the right mindset, to building rapport, to qualifying needs and clarifying the solution, to closing the deal and developing the account.

Many business owners do not feel comfortable about selling. They are confident about their technical skills and knowledge of their market but not in selling their products and services.

So many owner managers have bemoaned to me how difficult it is to recruit a high performing salesperson or to achieve higher productivity from the existing sales team.

Yet are you and your sales team following the 9 step process we have developed to take your sales to a higher level?

9 Step Sales Process to transform your sales:

1. Belief

2. Prospect

3. Build Rapport

4. Establish Credibility

5. Question and Qualify

6. Define Solution

7. Handle Objections

8. Close

9. Develop Accounts 

Action Point:

Which part of the 9 step process do you need to improve the most in your company? Start to work on improving this

Jim Rathbone

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