Developing higher performance teams to out-perform

A White Paper on TeamsWork Survey results pre-, during and post-COVID.

We believe that increasing complexity and speed of change makes teamwork an - if not THE most - essential component for profitable sustainable growth. However brilliant the individuals, without the context of a real team, they cannot deliver outstanding business results in this work climate.

The TeamsWork Framework

In March 2020 we launched our TeamsWork framework, aimed at helping clients understand how they can develop higher performance teams to out-perform. Our framework comes from substantial work experience across six continents with SMEs and large Corporates and draws on the body of research around teams.

When teams work well, they WORK.

TeamsWork identifies five characteristics of high-performance teams:

  • Transformative purpose - "why" the team exists, the goals/results it aims to achieve
  • Aligned collaboration - "what" the team delivers, and "how"
  • Trusted decision-making - that "governs" creativity and action
  • Wholehearted commitment - the bonding of team-members
  • Continuous learning - for continuous improvement

Towards the start of client engagements, we invite team members to complete our 2-minute 20-question survey to identify in which areas client teams perform well and how they could perform even better.

We’ve seen some interesting results these last few months, particularly considering the unprecedented working environment resulting from COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown. Never before has the concept of ‘team’ been challenged so fully!

Taking into account surveys completed by companies before, during and after lockdown, we have compiled the findings into this White Paper - ideal for benchmarking your company.

In our white paper, we:

1. Present the results from the initial TeamsWork survey of 67 individuals, including five intact teams

2. Identify key areas of good and not-so-good practice for teams at large

3. Give you tips for developing teamwork in your organisations

4. Equip you to start wider and highly-pragmatic conversations on teamwork in your organisation

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TeamsWork Framework

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