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Accelerate the Growth of your Service Business and Recurring Income

The benefits of growing your service business and recurring income are significant. Discover the 7 steps of doing so here...

This eBook shows you how to:

  • 1. Develop a Service Business and Recurring Income Mindset Developing the right mindset is critical to the success of your service business. This can be achieved by focusing on the core benefits of growing your service business.
  • 2. Set Service Business and Recurring Income Smart Goals Goals help your team to stay energised and share a vision for the future. Discover five key areas that you should be setting your service goals in.
  • 3. Increase Service Sales from Existing Customers – in 5 different ways! Growing sales is far more effective when you start with your existing customers. Learn five ways to grow your service-related revenues with your customers.
  • 4. Retain Service Contracts Contract retention is paramount to growing a successful service business. Find out four essentials for achieving a high level of service contract retention.
  • 5. Generate Leads for New Business sales From online marketing to investing in an in-house salesperson, understand the fundamentals of generating more leads and how to achieve them.
  • 6. Increase Profit through Service Pricing Find out how to implement effective pricing management, test and measure price increases and differentiate your pricing based on your service offering, contract size and market sector.
  • 7. Measure your Service Business Measuring your business is a cornerstone of growing your business. Unlock the three steps to measuring your business performance to increase growth, quality and efficiency.
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This eBook will give you clear direction and foresight into growing your service business.

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Some of the business potential we’ve unlocked for clients...

“I worked with Jim for around 18 months during which time we turned the business around, focussing on recurring revenue from a carefully selected and growing group of clients. Jim's wide experience of our industry and his mentoring abilities helped me in three very important ways:

  1. Jim helped to re-build my confidence in my own ability as a business leader, which was critical to me driving our turnaround.
  2. Jim helped change my focus from new projects and technology to building recurring revenue, and crucially guided me back when we started to go off-track (which on occasions I did.) Three years later the "smoothing" of our P&L is a dramatic change and being a business owner/CEO is a far less stressful existence.
  3. Jim was a sounding board for ideas. Unless you're fortunate to have a top-rate team (as I now have), being the CEO of a business can be a lonely place, and the value of having a coach like Jim shouldn't be underestimated.

I enjoyed my time working with Jim and he was without doubt instrumental in the successful transformation of my business."

CEO Simon Adcock
ATEC Security

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