Building High Performance Teams

A company, an organisation, is made up of people working as individuals in groups and teams.

Individuals performing well within teams - teamworking - sits at the heart of unlocking business performance.

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Our eBook draws on multiple client engagements over the years, as well as the best research on the subject, to address the recurring themes of high-performance teams and teamwork.

Some businesses have nailed this; they value team-working and see no challenge to its continuation. Others struggle to make it happen.

This New Edition eBook will give you the context, knowledge, and tools to unlock high performance teamwork in your organisation.


  • What high performance teamwork looks like
  • Challenges you’ll face along the way and how to overcome them
  • Our Teamwork Model with its five characteristics of High Performance teamwork
  • The key role leadership plays in improving teamwork in your organisation
  • Formula you can apply to improve your teamworking
  • What organisations can do to hardwire high performance teamwork into the way you work
  • Top tips for developing a High Performance Team culture

Access clear lessons from client engagement
– learn how to manage teams in disruptive times:

  • Overcome fraught decision-making
  • Manage simultaneous, interdependent spinning plates, whilst facing uncertainty
  • Handle increasingly complex change
  • Support increasingly tired, over-stretched, close to burn-out colleagues
  • Identify what your organisation needs to do to deliver higher performance
  • Understand how to build agile collaboration in disruptive times
  • Lead high-performance individuals to subjugate their own interests in favour of the team

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Teamswork eBook

This is a well-written book that provides valuable insights and tips for developing high-performance teams. Especially the point on five natural but dangerous team dysfunctions - sound familiar!

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The book covers all relevant perspectives on teamwork, including its importance for achieving transformative purposes, the need for agility in disruptive times, and the benefits of creating a culture of belonging.

CEO of multibillion global company

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From a reader of Building High Performance Teams


It’s a great comprehensive and detailed eBook while not being too arduous for us non-academic types to digest.

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