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Jim Rathbone

A boutique business consultancy

We like to think of ourselves as a boutique business consultancy.

More particular than just your average consultancy, our Partners have impressive calibre backgrounds and experience you can benefit from. We stay focused on the sectors and the skillsets we know so we can make a measurable, positive difference to your business.

Helping businesses like yours

Our prime purpose is to help businesses like yours achieve their potential.

  • Is there room for better performance through the development of your people and teams?
  • Do you need a new strategy to scale up or following stagnation, acquisition or restructuring?
  • Could your profit levels improve with a restructure or turnaround?
  • Could more effective sales and marketing strategies accelerate your growth?
  • Could you improve your margin through price differentiation and cost efficiency?
  • Would you value increasing recurring monthly income through service sales?
  • Is there room for improved cash flow in your business…?
  • Do you need someone to challenge and support you in implementing new ideas?

Who’s your critical friend?

To see real change in your business, you need an objective and independent ‘critical friend’.

A critical friend recognises the challenges you’re facing, asks the questions no one else will and gives you the guidance and honesty you need.

What makes us different

Five distinctive benefits characterise our offering at Rathbone Results:

The seasoned business expertise of our Partners.Our Partners draw from their own deep experience and skillsets and apply them relevantly to your business.

The skillset and sector focus of our Partners.We’ve been where you are and we know your sector. We only deliver our expertise in the skillsets and sectors we know.

Our support of implementation. We don’t just give advice. We put an expert into your business to work with you and your team to achieve more.

Our focus on your improved results.We develop the strategies with you and help you and your team implement them.

Our unique and proven methods are holistic, situational and multi-dimensional.We take a holistic approach to the challenges your business is facing and apply a broad spectrum of improvement approaches, from shaping strategy for increased sales, to developing high-performance teams and implementing change.

Do you know what success looks like? And do you need help getting there?

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