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"Supporting the development of your business would be
a privilege and a responsibility."
Jim Rathbone

As a boutique business consultancy, we are particular about whom we work with.

We are the leading business consultancy in the fire and security sector and also work with B2B companies who are committed to scaling up their business. We seek to make a measurable, positive difference to your business.

We partner with companies ready for change.

Business transformation and particularly scaling up a business can be challenging so we only work with companies that are committed to starting the journey.

As your partner, we will bring extensive experience of having set-up, scaled up, run, transformed and sold companies in the fire & security sectors to support your leaders and teams to achieve your vision for growth.

Our clients tend to fall into one of three different situations:

  • Accelerating growth and scalingup
  • Breaking through a glass ceiling to get to next level
  • Restructuring the business and getting to a better place

Rathbone Results Partner, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone discusses the importance of chemistry in choosing a consultancy to help you scale up.

Working with you and your team to drive growth

Our unique and proven methods are multi-dimensional and entirely tailored to your company, your culture and your people.

We take a holistic approach to the challenges your business is facing and apply a broad spectrum of improvement approaches, from shaping strategy for increased sales, to developing high-performance teams and implementing change.

If you’re not ready to make contact yet, but you want a taster of how we can help you transform your business…

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Are you pondering some of these burning questions?

  • How does consultancy work, and what is the process? (go to 00:23)
  • What results has Rathbone Results achieved with other businesses like ours? (go to 03:01)
  • Is now the right time to start? (go to 04:15)
  • How much time will the process take? (go to 05:30)
  • How will this help us improve our business performance? (go to 06:59)
  • Could we do this on our own? (go to 08:49)

Viewing time is 12 minutes - but tells you everything you want to know, so you can make the right decision for your Fire & Security business transformation.

Experienced, from set-up to scale up

Take a look at our Partner and Associate profiles for more about our experience in transforming and scaling up businesses within the Fire & Security and other B2B sectors.

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