Your People are your Key
to Growth

If you want to scale up your business, you’ll need to scale up your people.

  • Have they bought into the vision?
  • Are they part of the strategy?
  • Do they have the attitude and aptitude you need, to transform the business?

Your people are your drivers for change.

Let us help them and you unlock their potential and equip
them to succeed.

How people build your business

Leadership and team development is the art of equipping people and teams with new perspectives, skills and tools to perform at higher levels and in different contexts.
Developing your team is one of the most impactful routes to a high-performing and sustainable company...
Leaders need to feel supported and part of a bigger plan.
Teams need to feel listened to, to buy into the plan they need to implement.
We have worked with clients from SMEs to global corporations, to find the potential in their teams, to help drive growth:
  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Re-energise under-performing teams
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Equip individuals to drive change

How we unlocked the potential in these teams

Ad Valorem had an ambition to double in size within six years. They will achieve it within three.

The challenge was set to develop the talented, senior managers and leaders at Ad Valorem, who had an average age of 32, to be more accountable and perform at a higher level than ever before.

As Nigel Adams, Joint MD, comments: “You need the people to understand where they’re going… otherwise, people are people. They will go off and do other things…’

Listen to how Rathbone Results’ strategy and coaching has made a difference to Ad Valorem’s business…

“Rathbone Results has helped push us to this next level, given us the foundation we need to be able to double again, and put a framework to the vision of where we want to take this.”

Read more about our work with Ad Valorem.

EA-RS had an ambitious growth strategy and needed to scale up its people in order to scale up the business.

Following the development of nine separate strategies driving a joint vision, a 6-month programme of individual and team coaching lead to greater leadership responsibilities and perspective and ensured action plans were implemented to schedule.

Mark Wheeler, COO of EA-RS shares how Rathbone Results supported the EA-RS leadership team to implement their scaleup strategy.

“As you move up within a business, it becomes a more and more lonely place, just because of the responsibilities… That’s what makes it more than just coaching and mentoring... They understand everybody in the business, because of all the work they’ve done….”

Read more about our work with EA-RS.

A tailored programme for your business

We take a blended approach to leadership development, individual and team coaching and mentoring, tailoring a programme to your objectives, ethos, and business culture.

A series of fresh concepts, tools and interactive workshops are scaled to your timelines and availability, to unlock the potential in your teams.

We provoke new thinking to increase your people’s and your teams’ capability and capacity to do more with less, to do things differently, and to do different things.

Isn’t it time your team was given a chance to outperform?

Could a blended approach to team
development work for your business?

Why not book a Discovery call to find out more?

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How we have helped clients skill up their teams for increased performance

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