Wellbeing for High Performance

Five Practices of Wellbeing, for High Performance

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Wellbeing and high-performance are inextricably connected. Invest time in building practices that boost wellbeing and unlock personal and business performance.

The most admired companies have consistently invested to become great places to work, to create environments where staff feel good, want to be, want to bring their best as individuals and in teams.

This brief practical eBook brings together five practices of wellbeing, from the science of wellbeing, to support your and your people’s search for wellbeing - and, with that, high performance.

Discover the importance of:

  • Fostering social connections - Relationships are fundamental to wellbeing AND productivity.
  • Focusing on strengths - We’ll feel better in ourselves, be more open to learning and deliver greater results.
  • Savouring the Moment - For clearer thinking, greater physical presence, better emotional control, all three of which contribute to higher performance.
  • Acts of Kindness - which add to the wellbeing of the giver and the receiver, so it works to the power of 2!
  • Gratitude – and how it fuels positive thinking, reinforces a growth mind-set, unlocks performance.

Wellbeing in our businesses, as in life, starts with us.

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