We bring scaleup expertise into your business to support you and your team in scaling up.

  • Do you and your team have a shared vision?
  • How will leaders in the business deliver the plan?
  • Are your people skilled and fit for growth?

We help you scale up your people to scale up your business…


As a business leader, you may well have the mindset for growth, but you need to ensure your team shares it and has the ability to deliver it.

There is a clear process for getting your business ready for growth and scaleup and a clear ‘order of things’, to ensure success. We’ll support you and your team with a management development programme geared to the needs of your business.

A strategy created with the involvement of the people who need to implement it is far more likely to succeed. Teams that understand what they need to deliver, how and by when are more accountable.

These challenges require clear strategic thinking and intent. A proactive, disciplined approach to working on the business not just in the business.

The Scalingup Process and How we Help

Rathbone Results Partner, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone talks about what we will do to help you scale up, how we work and why we’re different.

  • Review where you are and where you want to get to
    • Key to achieving your growth objectives is to develop a clear, team generated and driven strategy, which we will help to facilitate
  • Implementation support & mentoring
    • After helping to create a workable action plan, we will support the implementation by regularly reviewing plans, actions and progress with your teams to drive momentum, accountability, and realise delivery
  • Team Development
    • Developing senior leaders and leadership and management teams drives business growth - we’ll support you and your team with a tailored blend of consultancy, coaching and mentoring to achieve your goals
  • Executive Coaching
    • A tailored programme of coaching and mentoring for your leaders and managers unlocks potential in individuals and teams to thrive and realise your scaleup vision.

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Ad Valorem saw a £400K upswing on targeted revenues and a 250% return on investment after just eight months.

Plus, the business is scheduled to double in size in three (not six) years.

Nikki and Nigel Adams, Joint-MDs of Ad Valorem, share the process of working with Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone to scale up their business.

“The first thing was understanding us… she actually looked at the personalities and worked with the personalities… She took the time to really understand our drivers and extended that to what we wanted for the team.”

Unlock the potential in your people
to unlock the potential in your business.

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Jim Rathbone answers your burning questions about whether Rathbone Results can help you scale up your people and your business, in our video below:

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  • What results has Rathbone Results achieved with other businesses like ours? (go to 03:01)
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  • How much time will the process take? (go to 05:28)
  • How will this help us improve our business performance? (go to 06:59)
  • Could we do this on our own? (go to 08:49)

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Is Rathbone Results the right consultancy for you?

Rathbone Results Partner, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone discusses the types of companies who benefit most from our support, and helps you answer the question: “Are we right for each other?”

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Some of the potential we have unlocked for growth-focused businesses