We bring our expertise and sector
experience into your business
to support you and your
team to achieve more.

How we do it

We come as a mentor, coach and expert in your business sector. Supporting you, your team, your goals and your vision.

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We only specialise in sectors we know about

Our seasoned professionals draw from their own experience.

With our proprietary holistic frameworks, they apply fresh thinking to your business situation.

  • We don’t pretend we know when we don’t
  • We find that specialists get the best results for your business
  • We apply our extensive know-how and skillsets to the challenges your business is facing to help you make the difference

These are the business sectors we have experience in that we’re most proud of:

  • Security
  • Fire safety
  • Built environment
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional services

We don’t do it for you

We help you deliver your own great results.

  • We develop your strategies with you and support you and your team to implement them
  • We involve your team from the start, to get maximum buy-in, accountability and results
  • We provide guidance, coaching and answers when you need them
Consultancy professionals

If you think profitable and sustainable growth might benefit your company

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Our proven framework makes a difference

Every business has individual quirks, but every business faces similar challenges.

  • We have developed several frameworks and audits which drive our work with you and applied to your business, they provide benchmarks to start from and goals to aim for
  • Using our 12 Business Success Drivers, we will help you achieve profitable and sustainable growth for your business
  • Using our TeamsWork framework, we establish the health of your teams; your strengths and development areas, and work with you to raise your game

Our expertise covers the vital parts your business needs

Working with you we...

  • help you establish a strategy and drive the delivery of it
  • identify with you what changes are needed in the business to make it happen
  • guide and support operational development and process improvement
  • establish sales and marketing strategies with your sales and marketing teams
  • help implement change and increase stakeholder engagement
  • support you in developing your leaders and creating high-performing teams

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The management concepts Cora Lynn taught us in her own lectures are the most powerful I have ever discovered. I would especially highlight the "mission statement" concept and method. Since the end of the program, I have used it several times when I had to start a project or to brief a new team. This method helped me and my team a lot to handle difficult positioning issues, and to set up a shared action plan to put the team back on the right track.

Helene Autrand

Strategic Manager

Cora Lynn is a wonderful talent when it comes to understanding the situation, adapting quickly to what is needed and then responding effectively. A commando business consultant if there ever could be such a thing.

Dr S Shackleton

Deputy Chaplain of the Fleet, UK Royal Navy

You can achieve more.

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