With our vast experience in leading and developing people, we believe that teamwork will be core to leadership development over the next 10 years.

Yet teamwork is hard, not least for high performers - who sometimes think they need to sacrifice personal recognition to allow the team to share the glory!

We have developed our digital TeamsWork framework to help you evaluate and raise the performance of your teams.

The TeamsWork Framework

We explore with you what good teamwork looks like in your organisation.

We apply our TeamsWork model to harness the brilliance that exists in your people and teams, to raise your bar for overall team performance.

The model focuses on five characteristics of a high performing team and tailors a programme to your objectives, culture and priorities.

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1. Transformative purpose

The product of wholesome results and goal orientation that natural instils accountability. (This requires thinking, action-orientation and relationship skills from the team leader.)

2. Aligned collaboration

The product of well-defined roles, and people with the right capabilities in those roles, woven together by recognition, participation and communication. (This requires action-orientation and relationship skills from the team leader.)

3. Trusted decision-making

That combines facts with diverse perspectives to unleash creativity and foster a sense of fairness. (This requires thinking, relationship and action-orientation skills from the team leader.)

4. Wholehearted commitment

The product of clear norms, belonging and care between team-members. (This requires thinking and relationship skills from the team leader.)

5. Continuous learning

Stimulated by a drive for continuous improvement, reflection and conflict resolution. (This demands relating and thinking skills from the team leader.)

Our work with you builds accountability towards shared goals and encourages collaboration in the team – even as the development unfolds.

TeamsWork inspires clarity around purpose, alignment for collaboration, trust to seek out diverse views in decision making, belonging and commitment among team members and encourages shared reflection for continuous improvement of team performance and business results.

How TeamsWork benefits you

Across all sectors and levels of an organisation, leaders need to strengthen one or more of three core leadership skill-sets:

  • How you think and create vision/purpose
  • How you take action to make things happen
  • How you engage with and build relationships with others

Together we will equip you, your individuals and your teams to outperform.

TeamsWork diagram

Explore how our TeamsWork Framework can help you raise the performance across your organisation?

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