May 14, 2020

Growing business, by developing a coaching culture within a leadership team.

Our client

Our Client is a highly successful Financial Services organisation. With the increasing complexity and volatility of the sector, our client recognised the need to inspire and equip their senior leaders to take responsibility for their own continuous development and to help their direct reports do likewise.

The Challenge

Change is happening at an extraordinary rate within the Financial Services sector. It is becoming increasingly hard for Senior Teams to keep abreast of changes in the market, and even harder for them to get ahead of the game and maintain an industry leading position. No amount of centrally-driven personal development can meet the needs of the most senior players – at either the individual or collective level. Yet these individuals need to continue to grow as individuals and teams in order to maintain the organisation’s success and grow market share.

How we helped address the challenge:

Our client commissioned Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone, our leadership and management development expert, to design and deliver a process that supports self-development, that equips individuals to self-source, take ownership of and collectively share their own development. Working closely with the Board and the in-house team, Cora Lynn:

  • Designed a unique, simple and systemic ‘personal development’ process.
  • Delivered a series of workshops and coaching surgeries on the process to the top 44 leaders across the entire organisation.
  • Supported the Chief Learning officer to continue embedding and tracking the progress of the new processes.

The Results

The new self-development process is being practiced and becoming ‘business as usual’.

 “… several ‘takeaways’ helped the senior leaders with the particular growth challenges they raised. Cora Lynn you enabled them to move things forward – you can do no more!”

Stakeholder, Financial Services Business 

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