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Market via the Internet

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We have all embraced the internet as consumers, but are we all embracing the opportunities it brings to our business? How do we make the most of the internet to market our business, reach new prospects, broaden our global audience?

This article highlights some key digital innovations and how we could leverage them to grow our businesses profitably and sustainably.

It is vital for businesses to have an effective internet marketing strategy.

Many companies still have a website that is little more than an online company brochure. It is not a source of leads that convert to sales. By contrast, some entrepreneurs have become millionaires by getting really good at Internet Marketing such as Pay Per Click Advertising to find new customers.

With the growing development of social media it is also important to develop a social media strategy that is appropriate to your business.

Internet Marketing is an endlessly changing landscape where there are frequent developments and improvements. Your approach needs regular review in the light of these developments.

5 Characteristics of the Internet Revolution.

It is extraordinary the innovations in marketing that the Internet has facilitated: 

  1. The power of large scale and global marketing is available to every business at an affordable cost. In the past it was only the larger business that could afford TV or national press advertising. Now Pay Per Click Advertising, Display Advertising and email marketing are available to all businesses
  2. You can communicate 24 by 7 with your target market and your target market can be geographically dispersed throughout the world
  3. Attraction marketing applies so that you can draw people to find you. This contrasts with direct marketing where you are pursuing the prospective client.
  4. Email marketing enables immediate and personalised communications without the hassle and expense of stuffing envelopes and affixing stamps.
  5. The increasing prevalence of video enables you to market as if you were using television for your business. 


In the light of the extraordinary developments through the Internet, make a decision to raise your game in Internet Marketing. 

Jim Rathbone

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