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Generate Leads Using Multiple Methods

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From SEO and pay per click, to email marketing and social media, many digital marketing channels exist to generate leads and help businesses achieve growth objectives. Yet many business owners rely on only one or two marketing channels.

This article highlights 12 lead generation methods that work hand-in-hand to deliver better results.

Most owner managed businesses have only one marketing method to reach new customers.  For many this is usually word of mouth or the use of direct sales.

The most dangerous number is one - one key customer, one key employee or one lead generation method.

If your business is doing OK with one single marketing method, just imagine what could be achieved if you had five or ten proven marketing methods!

There is also the risk attached to depending on a single lead generation method. What happens if you rely on one salesperson and that person leaves or you rely on SEO and Google change their algorithm?

12 methods to generate sales leads:

  1. Referrals
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Direct mail
  4. Networking
  5. Public relations
  6. Advertising
  7. Pay Per Click
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Seminars
  10. Talks
  11. Joint Ventures
  12. Email marketing

How many of these are you using? How many have you tested in the past? Did you follow the best practice in implementing these methods? 


Decide on 2 or 3 new lead generation methods you will test out from the list above and conduct a low cost test.

If you would like support in developing and implementing multiple and predictable methods of lead generation in your company, send us an email at info@rathboneresults.com

Jim Rathbone

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