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How To Build a Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline Process

A sustainable sales pipeline is fundamental for any business. It ensures visibility over future revenues and cashflow, practical management of resources and financials, and enables forecasting and stronger business planning – vital for business growth.

These seven key steps will help you develop a cross-business focus on sales development and establish a robust sales pipeline for your business.

1. Identify and define your target market

Clearly define your market to understand the demographics, location, and common interests or needs of your target customers.

2. Identify companies, opportunities, and projects in your target market

    Do market research using resources, such as Companies House, IOD, Chamber of Commerce, business organisations, etc…

    3. Research key contacts and roles in your target companies

      Develop your database using professional networks, such as LinkedIn, IOD, trade fairs, trade magazines, telemarketing, etc.

      4. Reach out to your key contacts

        Utilise a variety of techniques, including professional telemarketing, email, networking, in-mail (LinkedIn), direct mail, etc.

        5. Segment data to develop and understand your pipeline

          Group your companies by industry type, region, number of employees, revenue, expected sales. Group your contacts by role, seniority, etc.

          6. Develop a manageable list of qualified Leads and work through until closed won/lost

            Work methodically though the leads to further qualify, assess needs, and manage the opportunities until Closed-Won or Closed-Lost.

            7. Install a CRM system to capture information and develop the opportunities

            Capture each stage of the pipeline in a cloud-based CRM system to effectively manage and develop accurate sales forecasting, predictive revenue and increased sales and profitability.

            The importance of knowing where your next sale is coming from and how soon it will come in cannot be stressed enough. In a two-phase process, focus on identifying and establishing your sales pipeline initially, and then work to make it robust and sustainable.

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