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Engage Your Employees

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Engaging employees to consistently deliver high performance is a challenge for many business owners. If you are facing this challenge, look first at your leadership, not at your employees.

From giving feedback on performance, to investing in staff development and training, this article looks at 10 practices that leaders can adopt to engage staff for higher performance.

Many business owners are frustrated by the lack of productivity of their employees. They put the blame on the staff for this situation. Quite frankly, they should take a mirror and look at their own leadership.

10 tips on how to motivate your employees and increase their productivity:

  • Recruit the right staff in the first place. This means paying as much attention to their attitude and values as their experience and skills for the role.
  • Share the company’s goals and objectives with all the employees.  Most employees like to be informed as it makes them feel valued and appreciate the context in which they fulfil their own role.
  • Be clear on employee goals and expectations
  • Give feedback on good performance. Saying thank you and communicating what you appreciate adds to motivation.
  • Give feedback on poor performance and mutually agree what performance is required going forward, along with any corrective actions.
  • Recognise that everyone is an individual and that motivational drivers vary from person to person.
  • Be open and straightforward in your communications. Over communicate at times of change
  • Create a sense of a common purpose and mission, highlighting how your company is looking to enhance the lives of your customers or make a difference to the industry. This adds meaning to the employee’s work.
  • Be consistent and fair in your approach.
  • Invest in development and training of your staff.
How would you score your company in the 10 areas above that have an impact on the motivation levels of your employees? Score each area out of 10, where 10 is excellent and 1 is very poor. Decide which area you need to improve the most and start addressing it.
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Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone

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