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Facilitating and documenting a team generated strategy.

30 second summary:

This Case Study presents how we supported a client to achieve phenomenal growth by first developing then implementing a team-generated strategy in the face of tighter budgets, decreasing resources and significant imminent change. The case study highlights how much can be achieved in a very short timescale, with the right strategy, approach and mindset.

"A commando business consultant if there ever could be such a thing."

Facilitation and documentation of a team-generated strategy to secure the future of a vital unit that supports the wholeness, growth, performance and resilience of the UK’s Joint Forces.


The Head of the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre (AFCC), a 1-star General in the Armed Forces, approached Rathbone Results: “Can you help me and my top team think through how we can more effectively organise ourselves to sustainably support Chaplains serving in the Army, Navy and Air Forces?”

The organisation was challenged by tighter budgets, decreasing resources and significant imminent change to the way they deliver their services to circa 350 Chaplains, over 3000 armed forces personnel and up to a total of 9000 individuals (when counting in wider family members) each year.

The AFCC needed to rethink how it could fulfil its mission to sustain people in the fields of national defence and war - regardless of their religion or faith - a mission that extends to all armed-forces Chaplains and through them to the extended families of all service men and women.

The Challenge

(1) The senior team of four could only commit to two days.

(2) They had never before co-created a strategy.

(3) The output-document of these two days had to be submitted for approval to the two and three star generals above them in the command structure.

(4) On the strength of this document rested the continuation of the unit as a dedicated provision within the Joint Forces.

How we helped:

Over two non-consecutive days, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone led the senior team to work systemically through several strategic models to weave a coherent strategy.

Following each day, Cora Lynn documented and wove the output into a comprehensive document that included a detailed risk register and full resourcing plan.

This documentation was validated iteratively with the senior team after each strategy day.

Together with the 1-star general and his three senior leaders, Cora Lynn presented the strategy to their two Commanding Officers (a 1-star and a 2-star General) inviting the senior leaders to contribute at different junctions and respond to questions that emerged.

The strategy was fully endorsed, securing key positions and enabling the AFCC to continue to provide “a unique pastoral learning environment” that gives people “a taste of honey”.

 “Cora Lynn is a wonderful talent when it comes to understanding the situation, adapting quickly to what is needed and then responding effectively. A commando business consultant if there ever could be such a thing. She enables the client to overcome adversity through clear objective settings. Her CV says it all really but we at Amport House are the living proof - a failed business nine months ago to one now with a bright future. Cora Lynn for her work has been made an Honourary Member of the House, the highest compliment we can offer.”

Rev Dr Scott Shackleton, 1-star General and Principal of AFCC

Process followed: The Strategic Scroll

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