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5 Practices of Wellbeing for Business

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Wellbeing and high performance are inextricably linked. Rathbone Results Partner, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone has compiled Five Practices of Wellbeing, for High Performance into an eBook aimed to improve your wellbeing, and that of those around you.

Five Practices of Wellbeing, from the science of wellbeing, for High Performance

Wellbeing and high performance are inextricably linked. The most admired and highest performing companies have consistently invested to become great places to work and create environments where staff feel good and bring their best as individuals and in teams.

Wellbeing is not just a philosophical concept, it is a proven driver of focus, productivity and innovation, which many successful companies over the decades have recognised and nurtured in their environments.

Rathbone Results Partner, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone, has compiled five key practices into one eBook and invites you to invest a little time in boosting your wellbeing and that of others around you. Because wellbeing in our businesses, as in life, starts with us.

These five practices can be easily embraced to improve and sustain wellbeing - for yourself and for others.

Our eBook helps you to discover the importance of:

Fostering Social Connections
Relationships are fundamental to wellbeing AND productivity

    Focusing on Strengths
    We’ll feel better in ourselves, be more open to learning and deliver greater results.

      Savouring the Moment
      For clearer thinking, greater physical presence, better emotional control, all three of which contribute to higher performance.

        Acts of Kindness
        Which add to the wellbeing of the giver and the receiver, so it works to the power of 2!

          And how it fuels positive thinking, reinforces a growth mind-set, and unlocks performance.

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            Discover how you can improve your own wellbeing – as well as that of your Team in our Five Practices of Wellbeing for High Performance eBook.

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