Ayes Amewudah

email: Ayes.amewudah@rathboneresults.com
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Client Testimonials:

"Having used business coaching and mentoring previously for successful growth, I knew that you needed support for all areas of the business that need to change and turnaround at the same time. Rathbone Results had considered all aspects of the process for growth, strategic development and the importance of a plan for short term and long term goals. They also ticked the box on experience in my sector.


Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Business Owner of Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Ayes Amewudah

email: Ayes.amewudah@rathboneresults.com
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About Ayes Amewudah

Helping IT companies achieve growth

Ayes is our IT and technology specialist. He creates strategies with two goals in mind: to grow your business and make it more profitable.

As an IT company you’ll know first hand the challenges involved in operating in a highly competitive market. You’ll also know that being clear about your point of difference – the ‘why you’ – is a key way to achieve extra sales and increase margins. The reality, of course, is that this isn’t always easy to do.

And that’s where I come in.

How I can help you

I help businesses like yours find the best way to achieve your revenue growth goals. My approach is simple: I ask questions. Then I listen to what you say. We’ll work together to identify the right tools to achieve prompt and effective results. And we’ll build a sustainable framework to track key aspects of your company strategy. The result? You get the improvements your business needs.

Why me?

I’ve been developing successful strategies in the B2B technology sector for over 15 years. I’ve held Director roles for large corporates and SMEs, where for the past eight years most of my experience has been. I know how businesses of all sizes work. I know the sector. So you get support and advice from someone who understands your company and your market.

  • SME Cellular Infrastructure Business: Refocused sales and marketing activities and increased their market share by 10% in less than a year
  • Major Telecoms Services Provider: Developed and supported an integrated lead generation campaign which resulted in delivery of £11m of new sales in just eight months
  • SME Broadcast Equipment Business: Improved marketing and sales activity and increased “like for like” sales growth from zero to double digit year on year
  • SME SaaS Business: (Business turnaround) Identified and developed new products to successfully grow market penetration
  • Developer of Clean Technology Solutions: Developed and supported a strategy to break into new international markets to meet sales expansion goals
  • Communications Infrastructure Business: Developed an integrated business strategy which enabled the business to survive the global market slowdown at that time

Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you to learn a little more about your business and your ambitions for the future. Or give me call on 0208 798 0175 for a chat about how you might benefit from our expert advice.