Ayes Amewudah

Ayes is our B2B Sales and Marketing specialist. He creates strategies with two goals in mind: to grow your business and make it more profitable.

Ayes Amewudah

Specialist Sector
Information Technology, Clean Technology, Telecommunications, Other B2B Sectors

Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Business Partnerships, Customer Service, International Business Development

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Ayes brings a 20-year track record of successfully developing and executing sales and marketing strategies in B2B, which have delivered sustained business growth in UK and international markets

He has extensive experience at board level in Sales and Marketing Director roles in leading large and SME organisations

Ayes is a customer-focused individual, who is expert in navigating cultural differences to build strong business partnerships and high-performance collaborative teams

Some of Ayes achievements

  • Ayes worked with two newly acquired SMEs to reshape and turnaround their businesses during the pandemic and emerge on track with double dight growth.
  • He has held several Executive, Consultant, Coaching/Mentoring and Non- Executive level positions in both large and SME organisations.

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