José Lehmani

José has more than 30 years successful experience in Business to Business management in technology and specifically in the security industry.

José Lehmani

Specialist Sector
Security, Fire Safety

Strategy, Business Improvement, Acquisitions, Services


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José Lehmani is a skilled management consultant who is capable not only of offering clear strategic insight and practical action planning, but is also able to successfully manage specific change projects directly. His diverse skills were deployed in various areas of the business, including our overall organisational structure, a major accounting software migration, marketing and sales growth, more profitable procurement and supplier relations strategies. His flexible and wide-ranging support helped me lead the business through a period of significant change after the acquisition of a major new customer and later through two acquisitions and mergers.

José started his career in a $400M multinational, then founded and ran a Security business for 12 years before selling to a PLC.

José has experience in all the challenges a business can encounter …

  • Growing sales profitably
  • Maximising operational efficiency
  • Constantly improving business procedures and systems
  • Developing people
  • Implementing new pricing strategies
  • Maintaining a positive cashflow
  • Delivering excellent customer service

Using all the skills learned during his career, José started, nurtured and ultimately sold his security business to a PLC. José started his Business Advisor career in 2012. Mentoring at MD level, he helped secure large national contracts, create and implement efficient business tools and provide expert knowledge to run the company efficiently. Ultimately José successfully merged 2 security installers to create a security division for the acquiring PLC.

José has managed sales and technical teams in a corporate multinational environment in the UK and France for more than 10 years.

Having achieved an MBA and a BA in marketing, José also studied IT and Finance in a reputable business school. José is also fluent in three languages – English, French and Spanish.

José is passionate about helping businesses to achieve their optimum potential and has a natural flair for business improvement and growth opportunities. Leaving no stone unturned, looking at the operational details and making sure the business strategy is delivered by teams and individuals.

Relevant Achievements:

  • Founder and Managing Director of an SME for 12 years.
  • Achieved a 6xEBITDA + Assets sale after conducting a thorough due diligence.
  • Achieved successful merger of 2 SMEs in the security market; combined value £5 Million.
  • Managed Sales, Marketing and Technical teams in a £20m subsidiary of a $400M global business
  • Designed, negotiated and procured solutions with international security manufacturers.
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