Jim Rathbone

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Client Testimonials:

"I was able to work with Jim during a period when this company went on an expansion drive which resulted in SensormaticCamEra becoming the largest and most profitable of its kind in the UK, a long way from the loss making, company that Jim inherited when he was brought in as Managing Director. This remains one of the best senior management teams that I have ever worked with. A focused team and business which was fully aligned and customer delivery led. This was a direct result of Jim’s leadership."

Mark Shuttleworth

CFO Pace plc

Jim Rathbone

email: jim@rathboneresults.com
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About Jim Rathbone

Jim Rathbone is the founder and managing partner of Rathbone Results a boutique consultancy, supporting business leaders and their teams to deliver profitable and sustainable growth.

Jim has seasoned business leadership experience with 25 years as managing director including brand leaders Chubb, Sensormatic and ASSA ABLOY, before founding Rathbone Results in 2010. He also has an MBA with Distinction with Warwick University and an MA with Oxford University.

Jim has significant experience with B2B and building technologies, especially fire and security. He writes a regular Business Builder Column for the Professional Security Installer Magazine.

Examples of his client portfolio and experience:

  • Helped a loss-making installer to achieve £400k net profit
  • Supported an SME to survive failed acquisitions
  • Helped a fire and security installer to double their service revenues to £2m
  • Doubled the sales of Sensormatic CamEra to £40m in five years, achieving 10% NP
  • Achieved 20% net profit on £200m sales at ASSA ABLOY European Entrance Systems

Owning and developing a business can be hard work and can involve many challenges. You may be running a good business, but a point comes when you, like others, hit a ceiling.

Our team has strong expertise in the key areas of strategy, marketing, sales, finance and building high performing teams. This can be an invaluable resource to help you move your business to the next level.

We develop with the business leader and the management team structured and actionable plans to improve financial results. Our main focus is to help businesses:

  • Increase profits
  • Accelerate sales growth
  • Grow monthly recurring income
  • Increase their value
  • Build a high performing team

This comes from providing implementation support as well as good advice and practical recommendations.

We are very passionate about what we do and are always keen to meet business leaders who are committed to profitable growth and have a positive approach to make their goals become reality.

For us, supporting the development of your business would be a privilege and a responsibility.